"As a teenager, I was a member of the West Oak Lane Church of God (WOLCOG) Youth Group during Rev. Sheppard's pastorate.  I had the privilege of sitting under his ministry for a period of four productive years.  It was during that season that Pastor Sheppard taught me how to pray, to believe in the miracle working power of God, and the importance of veristic (realism in) ministry. I learned how to be real with God and others while attending his church...that has remained with me for over twenty years.

Pastor Sheppard was a commanding influence in my life and God used him, along with other seasoned men and women of God, to help shape my character.  He was a role model to the men of our church often leading them 

in various forms of demonstrative worship.  Pastor Sheppard was loved and appreciated by many, and I am thankful that the Lord placed me under his spiritual care when I was in high school.

I had the opportunity to speak with Pastor Sheppard on several occasions shortly before his death.  Our last meeting was a brief encounter in Philadelphia at WOLCOG...I thanked him for leaving such a profound mark on my life and development as a Christian.​"

Eric Jerome Hearst
WOLCOG Youth Group Member 1987-1991.

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